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EnvirOx® 1/2 Gal. Pressure Sprayer

1/2 Gallon.

Manufacturers Item #8-591
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EnvirOx® Bucket Buddy 118 - For Concentrate 118

Manual dilution of Concentrate 118 is fast and accurate with the Bucket Buddy™. Holds up to 32 ounces of product (enough for 10 mop buckets). Use and dilution guide is silk-screened onto the bottle. Sturdy handle to hang on a mop bucket or cleaning cart.

Manufacturers Item #8-272-118
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EnvirOx® E2B2™ Dispensing Systems

Easy to use and reliable. Manufactured by DEMA® Engineering Company and features a proprietary EnvirOx® design. The wall mounted E2B2 easily fills application containers in all sizes and shapes with either light duty or heavy duty dilutions. Easy servicing and tip change, no need to remove from wall! Easy bottle loading and removal. Low foaming. ASSE 1055 certified. IAPMO certified. Use to fill mop buckets, autoscrubbers and secondary bottles. High flow and low flow sides make this easy and effective.

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EnvirOx® Eco-Blend Dispensing System - Greasinator

Dispensing system for a variety of chemicals.

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EnvirOx® Eco-Blend™ Handheld Dispenser - Low Flow

1 gallon per minute of water flowing through the unit (usually for heavy duty dilutions). Wide range of dilution tips available. Light weight and ergonomically designed. Use with GNx2™ products.

Manufacturers Item #5-230
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EnvirOx® Mop Bucket Buddy

A simple answer to facilitate manual dilution of H2Orange2. Use to accurately change chemical to mop buckets. Use with 117 Concentrate. Portable; Hanger included. Holds 32 ounces of concentrate-enough for 10 mop buckets.

Manufacturers Item #8-272
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EnvirOx® SinkMaster Dispensing Unit

1/4 ounce per gallon dilution ratio for both Dish San and Dish Safe.

Manufacturers Item #8-252-SINK
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