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Claire® Handheld Air Fresheners

This V.O.C. compliant air freshener incorporates state-of-the-art technology in particle dispersion while eliminating excess volatile organic compounds in present day "dry" air fresheners. Provides immediate deodorization of malodors in the air. Instant deodorization. Leaves no residue or stain. Eliminates stale tobacco odors. Atomized mist quickly travels throughout the area sprayed, releasing the fragrance to provide complete deodorization instantly in such areas as: restaurants, restrooms, hotels/motels, nursing homes, schools, offices, locker rooms, smoking areas, garbage areas. No CFCs.

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Claire® Malodor Neutralizer - 10 oz. Net Wt.

This malodorant, deodorizer and air freshener is specially formulated to eliminate offensive odors while in the air. Does not cover-up odors. VOC compliant. 20 oz can, 10 oz net wt.

Manufacturers Item #C-190
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