Claire® Solvent Degreaser - 19 oz. Net Wt.

A non-flammable product with a powerful flushing action. It leaves no residue and is quick drying. For industrial use. Meets Standard Spec. ASTM D4080-96. 20 oz can.

Manufacturers Item #C-064
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EnvirOx® Green Certified Industrial Degreaser - Gal.

Improved cleaning power. Plant derived renewable resource ingredients. Reduced Aquatic Toxicity. Reduced Human Toxicity. Improved Biodegradability. Low VOC's. Heavy degreasing with power, safety and sustainability for all your industrial needs. Neutral pH with no bleaching, fading or damage that occurs. Safe for any water-safe surface. Attacks grease not you!

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Green Clean Stripper/Degreaser

A heavy duty stripper, cleaner and degreaser designed to remove floor finish or wax build-up. Penetrates and emulsifies old finish without the use of ammonia. Green color, mild fragrance.

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Multi-Majik - Qt.

Multi-Majik is an outstanding butyl based cleaner/degreaser. This heavy duty, fast-acting all purpose product is capable of removing soil, dirt, grease & grime. Works on a multitude of surfaces. Blue/Green color. Butyl odor.

Manufacturers Item #346-12
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Purple Power Stripper/Degreaser

A highly potent combination of synthetic detergents, alkaline builders and water soluble solvents. Removes floor wax or finish quickly and easily. This non-ammoniated formula can also be used as a cleaner and degreaser. Purple color, mild odor.

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