Floor Machine Accessories


Malish Big-Mouth® Pad Centering Device - Blue

Thread Handing: Right Hand.

Manufacturers Item #792455
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Malish Tru-Fit™ Universal Clutch Plate

Designed to flex vertically and compress horizontally to reduce machine wobble and operator fatigue. Fits most standard speed machines. Center Hole Required: 5".

Manufacturers Item #NP-9200
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Malish Tufted Pad Drivers

Heavy polypropylene strands trimmed offset at 1/2" are staple set in our Tuff-Block®, making this the superior tufted pad driver choice. Tufts penetrate into the pad for secure holding power. Includes our 1 1/4" thick plastic riser. 10" has wood block. 13" thru 22" has plastic block. Can also be ordered without riser.

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Mastercraft Standard Pad Drive Assembly - 17"

When using a floor machine the pad driver gives you an ability to strip, scrub, or polish by simply changing floor pads. Standard for 175 RPM.

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