Ice Melter


Safe Step® Pro Series® 370 Econo Blend Blue® Ice Melt

Blue color crystals, easy-to-see for even applications. Won't stain carpets or floors. Economical and effective; melts ice down to -7° F. Ideal for large application areas. Contains a corrosion inhibitor. 67% less corrosive on metal than rock salt.

Manufacturers Item #56370
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Safe Step® Pro Series® 960 Choice Formula - 50 lb. Bag

U.S. EPA design for the Environment certification. Patented formulation for maximum ice melting power. Melts ice down to -10° F. Contains MG 104®, which helps prevent refreezing up to 2 1/2 times longer than conventional ice melters. Safer on plants, concrete, pets, shoes and carpet. Safer to handle; won't harm skin or pets' paws.

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Peladow® Ice Melters

Unlike rock salt & potassium chloride, Peladow® calcium chloride readily attracts moisture from the atmosphere, allowing it to form a liquid brine very quickly and fan out beneath the ice, breaking its bond with the pavement. Other deicers lose their effectiveness quickly when they become diluted with water. But even when diluted to 20% concentration, Peladow® keeps working down to -4 degrees F. Penetrates & undercuts ice fast & keeps on working all the way down to -25 degrees F - long after other deicers have given up. Easier on concrete & vegetation. Doesn't leave powdery residue.

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