Floor Squeegees


Unger® Replacement Rubber For Window Squeegees

Soft and Hard replacement rubber for window squeegees. Soft replacement rubber is ideal for colder working conditions. Conforms to slightly uneven surfaces and is coated with talcum to ensure freshness. Hard replacement rubber is ideal for warmer working conditions. For optimum liquid removal on large, flat surfaces. Also coated with talcum to ensure freshness.

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Unger® SmartFit™ WaterWand™ Heavy Duty Squeegees

Heavy duty usage floor squeegee. Removes water easily from uneven floor surfaces such as grouted tile or non-slip and broadcast grid floors with double black foam-rubber blade. Perfect for moving standard volumes of liquid.

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Unger® WaterWand™ ACME Insert

Converts Water Wand™ floor squeegees from a tapered to an Acme compatible socket for use with either type of handle.

Manufacturers Item #FWAI0
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Unger® AquaDozer® Heavy Duty Squeegees

For heavy-duty jobs and moving large volumes of water, mud, debris, etc. Made with black EPDM rubber. Constructed with 14 gauge powder-coated steel frame. Reinforced zinc alloy handle socket. Optional ACME threaded insert sold separately. Replacement blades available.

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Unger® Sanitary Brush Floor Squeegee - 18"

Squeegee and brush in one. Acid-resistant, non-corroding. Double black foam-rubber squeegee is perfect for drying tiles and grout lines. Polypropylene bristles offer effective scrubbing while being gentle on floors.

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